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Welcome to the Key Route Music website. In 1995 we published Robert Shafer's flexible, combinable, arrangement of Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance: Processional Themes from Marches 1 and 4. It's been played at middle school, high school, and university commencement ceremonies ever since.

In this arrangement all wind, string, and even percussion parts are written in two-staff format - the upper staff has the melody, the lower staff - an ensemble line. Thus, players and sections can solo, accompany, or tacit. What results is an unlimited number of possible instrumental combinations that can be changed from repetition to repetition, a feature useful in cases where there's a long procession of graduates.

The well-known Pomp and Circumstance theme, the Maestoso, is set in Bb and alternates with the Nobilmente in F. Included is a "Conductor's Worksheet" which lets you schedule what sections or players have the melody and when. You basically create your own arrangement of the Pomp and Circumstance themes. 

We've posted some parts in pdf format if you want to sample a few of them:

1st & 2nd Eb Alto Saxophone

2nd BbTrumpet 

1st Trombone

String Bass

The arrangement is available in standard, combinable instrumentations for Concert Band ($60), String Orchestra ($30), Full Orchestra ($60), and Orchestra Winds/Percussion ($30). 

Instrumentation Lists for Pomp and Circumstance

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